• Bio Ionic iBrush - Paddle

    The Nano-Ionic™ Conditioning Brushes are the world's only brushes utilizing super-smooth or 100% boar bristles charged with Nano-Ionic™Hybrid Mineral. With each brush stroke hair is left shiny, silky and static-free.

  • Smoothes, Shines and Softens Hair
  • Conditions and Hydrates Hair
  • Ends Static in Hair
  • Makes Frizzy Hair Manageable
  • Helps Heal Split Ends
  • Promotes Faster Drying
  • Contributes to Healthy Scalp
  • Freshens Hair Anytime
  • Reduces Odor & Product Build-up

    Available through Kabuki Hair Studio, call 03 9349 1727 or visit: www.kabuki.com.au
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