• Cool Pouch

    Cool Pouch takes "the ouch" out of working with hot hair styling tools.

    The dilemma of using hair styling tools, like Flat Irons, and waiting for them to cool down before packing away or travelling has been solved with the latest product from GLAM Accessories.

    The new "Cool Pouch" has been created from heat-resistant silicone which means hair styling tools like Crimpers, Curling Irons, Hot Combs and others can be placed immediately inside it after use. It eliminates the wait for such products to cool down and protects anyone who may come in contact with the tools from being burned.

    Cool Pouch
    RRP $14.99 to $19.99
    Available in three colours including purple, pink and black.
    For stockists and retail enquiries contact GLAM Accessories on 07 3844 1077.
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