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Di Kennedy Signature Brush Set

You will absolutely love the pink handled, custom designed Di Kennedy Signature Brush Set, all with a description on each brush of what to use it for. Be the envy of all your friends when you pull out this totally girlie, professional quality brush set.

The blush, shadow and crease brushes are assembled with super soft natural hair, the lash and brow comb is a combination of natural and synthetic, and the liner, lip and primer/concealer brushes are made from superfine taklon/nylon silk.

The set comes in a faux leather black wallet with an extra pouch for bits and pieces like tweezers, lash glue or pressed powder. This sleek black case is embossed with the signature "di" on the front.

There are limited sets, so if you want one, best get in quick. RRP $110.

Available online at www.dikennedycosmetics.com
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