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Exhibit Creative Nail Design

Fine ingredients are teamed with the latest innovative research to create products that nourish and enhance the nail and skin. The individual products are ideal for home maintenance, while the collection packs are perfect for both gifts and personal travel.

Described by Gwen Stefani as "ridiculously cute", Exhibit -Creative Nail Design's latest range of MUST-HAVE nail colours - will put the finishing touch to any winter outfit.

Inspired by the greatest artists of previous centuries, this contemporary range of nail polishes incorporates contrasting pigments and rich, velvety colours.

The Exhibit palette contains:
  • NFS #386 - deep teal creme
  • Nail Noir #387 - deep raisin creme
  • Limited Edition #388 - burgandy creme
  • Enamel On Canvas #389 - royal fuchsia creme
  • Work Of Art #390 - bright vermillion creme
  • Still Life #397 - deep burnt sienna creme

    Show off your fashion-savvy style this winter with Exhibit.

    RRP: $16.95, 15mL
    Available from professional salons nationwide and online at www.pacificnail.com.au
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