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Goldwell - Color Glow

COLOR GLOW is the first color care system that is individually formulated for five color types; brown, red, copper, platinum blonde and golden blonde.

Within each range, specially formulated products, from shampoos to treatment solutions, deliver specific results for individual shades. They include; a color preserving shampoo, a leave in fluid, a treatment with a nourishing formula and color pigments, and a color finish for outstanding shine. A salon color technician will prescribe what is best for individual hair needs.

Each individual range is color coded and named to reflect the five different hair shades;
LIVE BLONDE - For clear platinum blonde reflections without brassy/yellow hues (suitable also for grey hair)
BE BLONDE - For shimmering gold/blonde reflections
STAY RED - For radiant red effects
LOVE BROWN - For warm brown effects
FEEL COPPER - For vivid copper accents

The COLOR GLOW range incorporates each of the following products:
  • COLOR GLOW Shampoo - (Be Blonde, Live Blonde, Stay Red, Love Brown, Feel Copper) 250mls - RRP $21.95
  • COLOR GLOW Leave- in fluid (Be Blonde, Live Blonde, Stay Red, Love Brown, Feel Copper) 150ml - RRP $21.95
  • COLOR GLOW Treatment - (Be Blonde, Live Blonde, Stay Red, Love Brown, Feel Copper) 150ml - RRP $21.95
  • COLOR GLOW Color Finish - (For all red and brown shades) 75ml - RRP $22.95
  • COLOR GLOW Blonde Finish - (For all blonde shades) 75ml - RRP$22.95
    COLOR GLOW is available in all leading Goldwell salons nationally, or call the Goldwell customer care line on 1800 50 60 60.

    More on Goldwell Color Glow www.girl.com.au\goldwell-color-glow.htm
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