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Goldwell Color Glow Treatment

While the power of a well executed haircut is undisputed in transforming an individual look, the impact of great hair color is today the most influential grooming expression, and perhaps the biggest statement of personal style. Indeed, seven out of ten women who visit a professional hair salon participate in a color treatment of some sort.

Color Glow is the first color care system that is individually formulated for five color types; brown, red, copper, platinum blonde and golden blonde.

Within each range, specially formulated products, from shampoos to treatment solutions, deliver specific results for individual shades. They include; a color preserving shampoo, a leave in fluid, a treatment with a nourishing formula and color pigments, and a color finish for outstanding shine. A salon color technician will prescribe what is best for your individual hair needs.

For stockists contact 1800 50 60 60.
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