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Innova Repair Capsules

Long term damage won't repair itself, so tackle each strand from the roots with Innova Repair shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments and repair capsules. Keratin treats in 3 dimensions - the cuticle, fibre and matrix of each strand, boosting strength to promote deep, lasting shine.

Innova Repair Capsules
This leave-in-formula features apricot kernel oil, which deeply conditions the hair to reduce breakage and improve hair's elasticity.
It smoothes the surface of the hair while adding a healthy shine and prevents future breakage.
Ideal for a weekly ritual, use 1 capsule per application and squeeze the contents into the palm of your hand and apply to cleansed and towel dried hair, avoiding the root area.

Innova Repair Capsules 30 x 1mL RRP $17.95
For stockists, please call 1800 251 887

Review: Great results after just a few weeks, hair softens and shines.
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