• Kelapa Organics Hair Care Range

    Kelapa Organics Hair Care Range

    Did you know that over 1 million Aussie’s currently suffer from scalp conditions such as
    seborehoeic dermatitis and psoriasis and over 50% of the population suffer from dandruff during their lifetime!

    The Australian hair-care market is saturated with chemically based products positioned as a ‘solution’ to scalp conditions. Such medicated shampoos are not suitable for daily use due to the harshness of ingredients like zinc pyrithione and tar, which will leave your hair feeling dry and damaged.

    Finally there is a product that actually aids in preventing such conditions without the use of harsh chemicals – introducing Kelapa Organics.

    Kelapa Organics is proudly Australian made and owned and boasts a range of shampoos
    and conditioners for normal and dry hair as well as an intensive conditioning treatment.
    Kelapa Organics uses only the gentlest ingredients available, including the ever popular
    certified organic coconut oil. Kelapa proudly boasts a range of affordable hair care options that do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic fragrences, artificial preservatives, colours or parabens. The Kelapa Organics range is as natural as possible, promoting the fact that nature has provided us with a wealth of gentle and nourishing oils – meaning you can have a clear scalp and beautifully nourished hair simply by using one locally produced product.

    Now Aussie’s can rejoice and Kelapa-our-hands as we enjoy a product containing natural
    ingredients that looks after our scalp as well as our hair.

    After her family and friends were struggling with skin irritations and allergies, Melbourne
    mother Glenyce used her in-depth knowledge of natural medicine to create an organic
    range of home made remedies to treat even the most sensitive skin.

    Glenyce saw the positive results her formulations were having on family and friends and
    knew that her products could aid all Australians who are battling skin sensitivities. Enlisting the help of her son Adam, Kelapa Organics was born.

    Pure, simple and natural the Kelapa Organics range is created using certified organic
    coconut oil, aloe vera, rosehip oil, rose water and lots of other natural goodies for your
    skin to enjoy.

    Kelapa Organics is proudly:
    Australian Made and Owned
    Australian Certified Organic
    Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly
    Not Tested on Animals

    Fun Fact – ‘Kelapa’ means coconut in Malay and Indonesian.

    Available at selected salons and online at www.kelapa.com.au the hair care range retails for $19.95 AUD for shampoo and conditioner and $24.95 for the conditioning treatment.

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