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Lady Jayne Tangleze

New Lady Jayne Tangleze detangling brush makes for easy, lightweight handling for smooth, free flowing detangling. The innovative flexi-glide technology allows for speedy, gentle use to effortlessly glide through wet or dry hair.

Lady Jayne Tangleze comes hairdresser recommended:
"A revolution in detangling. It's less stress for me and my clients hair", Clive Allwright, Celebrity Hairdresser, Our Place Salon.

"Glides through effortlessly without damaging colour-treated, vulnerable or tangled hair", Andrew Berry, Celebrity Hairdresser, Viva Salon.

The dual-length bristles help minimise hair breakage to encourage the healthiest hair possible for all hair types. The compact palm size design includes a protective cover ideal for travelling and the perfect handbag essential for beauty on-the-go.

RRP: $12.99
Stockist: 1800 651 146

Lady Jayne Tangleze is available in pink and purple from Priceline in September then Big W, Target, Chemist Warehouse and Independent Pharmacies from October.
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