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Marc Daniels First Aid for Hair Go Straight, Go Curly

Marc daniels hair care products, are the perfect day-to-day solution for common hair problems. Whether your hair is too dull, too dry, too frizzy or too lifeless, marc daniels ?First Aid for Hair? will have your hair healthy in no time at all.

The newest members to the marc daniels family are born into the ?Go Curly?, ?Go Straight?, ?daily replenish?, ?60 second success? and ?Big Hair? groups. This all-Australian, fun collection provides the answer to every known hair problem and will turn any bed-head into a hot-head.

For incredible curls that will last all day, ?go curly? curl boost will enhance lifeless curls into shiny, bouncy, full-bodied curls at the pump of a spray bottle. ?Go curly? heat defence will then act as a barrier, protecting your hair from regular heat exposure from hairdryers or styling tongs.

If straight and sleek is more your style, you can?t go past the ?go straight? range, offering intensive repair and straight and shiny products. These goodies not only help straighten hair, but also repairs, replenishes and protects hair from the damaging effects of regular heat.

Marc Daniels features bright and funky pacakaging.

Md First Aid for Hair 195ml spray-pump bottle - $8.95
Md First Aid for Hair 150ml tube - $8.95
MD First Aid for Hair 25g mini-tube - $2.95

Marc Daniels ?First Aid for Hair? is available from Priceline. For your nearest stockist please call: 1800 052 844
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