• Marc Daniels Head Shots

    MD Volume Shot, new hair technology that will give you more volume.

    Providing instant effect to the hair, the new md marc daniels First Aid for Hair Head Shots range is a "Break" "Shake" and "Combine" system with the active ingredient contained in an inner cap which is released when the top is twisted in a clockwise motion. The inner cap is releases triggering the activating process with an overall mixturre changing colour as the two part mix combines.

    Head Shot Bottles contain approximately four to six applications depending on hair length.

    Available in:
    * Volume Shot - get bigger hair
    * Hot Shot - Heat n' treat
    * Curly Shot - for curl and bounce
    * Frizz Shot - fight the frizz
    * Colour Shot - lock in colour

    RRP: $8.99 ea (30ml bottle)

    Available from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy stores and selected independent Pharmacies nationwide. For stockists call 1800 052 844 or visit www.marcdaniels.com.au
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