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Napoleon - Barely Blushing

Hold court from cheek to cheek. New from Napoleon, Barely Blushing is a versatile blush that can be used on your cheeks, eyes & lips to bring out your inner glow.

A unique formula that glides on for an ultra-sheer believable blush.
  • Long lasting
  • Oil free Gel Formula
  • Natural looking & Non-powdery
  • Use on Cheeks, Eyes, Lips

  • Water based
  • Acetylated Lanolin - helps absorb & hold water
  • Propylene glycol - aids moisture absorption into the skin
  • Sodium PCA - hydrating and moisture retaining
  • Propyl-paraben - anti-fungal & anti-bacterial agent; Ascorbyl Palmitate- preserving anti-oxidant

    RRP $29.00
    Available through all Napoleon concept stores nationally, including David Jones stores and select beauty salons.www.napoleoncosmetics.com.au
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