• Natural Alternative Shampoo & Conditioner

    Natural Alternative Shampoo
    Wild lavender & cananga flower

    Suitable for all hair types, this everyday shampoo with its gentle blend of essential oils and herbal extracts will not strip the hairs natural oils. The regenerating properties of this shampoo with its gentle carrier oil will also care for children's delicate hair by moisturising and protecting the hair and scalp.

    250ml, $7.95, 1ltr $19.95, 500ml $11.95

    Natural Alternative Conditioner
    Wild lavender & Tunisian rosemary

    This conditioner untangles the hair without any buildup effect on the scalp. Lavender and Tunisian rosemary essential oils have emollient, soothing and strengthening properties thus improving hair texture, body and sheen. Ideally used after the Natural Alternative Natural Shampoo for a luxury look and shine suitable for all hair types.
    RRP: 250ml, $8.95, 1ltr $21.95, 500ml $12.95
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