• Nvey - Angle Brush / Cover Pencil

    This multi-purpose makeup brush is one of a number of brushes that 'Nvey' has created to produce a professional look every time. Angle Bush #6 has an angled tip and is made from fine sable hair for easy make-up application and precision! Not only is it ideal for controlling general eye shadow application, but it is also just the thing for ultra-thin eyeliner and eye shadow lines to accentuate your eyes!

    While this small pencil states 'Cover Pencil', this is a multi-purpose tool that is perfect when there is a lack of time and space for all the necessary cosmetics! The 'Lite' cover pencil is a nude, flesh color that is easily applied as a spot cover-up which softly, yet effectively camouflages and conceals those pimples and blemishes that appear precisely when we don't want them. This cover pencil also doubles as an eye pencil - which easily applies to define and shape the eyes, as well as blending eye color. This handy eye shadow or eyeliner is a perfect, simple and subtle product to highlight ones eyes.

    Available at all good beauty salons.For more information call 03 9654 2037 or visit: www.ndvmakeup.com
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