• Nvey - Eye Shadow Palette

    This 'Nvey' eye shadow palette contains 5 versatile shades that are modern yet classic. The eye shadows have an even, weightless finish on the eyes without being too overbearing or thick. Because of the delicate consistency of the eye shadow, it's simple to blend and experiment with the 5 different colors available and is sure to glam up any outfit or mood you're in!

    Finely highlight your eyes with delicate colors like nude, pale pink or mushroom; or else venture into the world of bold, modern makeup by adding sultry charcoal or exotic bronze to your look. Simple, versatile, classic yet modern, 'Nvey' eye shadow is easy to apply and blend without the heavy texture of some eye shadows.

    Available at all good beauty salons.For more information call 03 9654 2037 or visit: www.ndvmakeup.com
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