• Original Mineral Style Guru Styling Cream

    What it is: a modern day style master for a myriad of looks, Style Guru is a blowdry aid to pump up the volume, a curl definer and it can also slick back hair. Formulated with a nourishing lineup of native Australian ingredients, Banksia Flower is packed with antioxidants and Amino Acids to smooth and soften hair texture. While Macadamia and Evening Primrose oils work to condition and add shine.

    Best For: Dry or damp hair ready to be styled.

    How To Use: Squeeze a small amount into your palm, apply to damp hair and blow for volume control. For a super slicked back look apply to damp hair, comb through and dry. For a heavy textured effect work through the hair creating movement then blowdry or let dry naturally.

    What’s Powering It:
    Banksia Flower – enriched with Amino Acids and antioxidants A, C and E to smooth and soften hair texture
    Macadamia Seed Oil – replicates natural oils that may be stripped from the hair due to coloring. Replenishes and enriches the hair, making it softer while improving elasticity.
    Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil – creates desirable sheen to the hair.

    O&M’s unique philosophy has seen harsh chemicals removed in favor of quality botanicals and essential oils helping to produce salon professional results teamed with a clean conscience. All products remain true to this vision and are free from Sulfates, Parabens, MIT, Phthalates, Triclosan and Propylene glycol, meaning they are a kind to your body as they can be, without compromising on quality and style. The entire line is 100% recyclable reinforcing O&M’s commitment to being as gentle as possible to both your body and the environment.

    Original Mineral Style Guru Styling Cream
    Price: $26.95 150 ml
    Stockist Number: 1300 724 635
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