• ORLY's In The Mood GELFX

    Whether you're feeling bold, like a bombshell or softly sweet, ORLY's new In The Mood GELFX collection has a colour to match. No more questioning -what colour should I pick?' at the salon, let your mood guide your choice between a glitter, shimmer or crème and be the person you want to be!

    In The Mood Collection
    A selection of six warm and cool-coloured gels, the In The Mood Collection has a colour for every mood. Feeling brazen? Shockwave and Jealous, Much? are for you, while Bubbly Bombshell and Teal Unreal are just the colours if you're feeling in control and confident.

    The collection includes:
    Bubbly Bombshell: Fuschia Glitter
    Snowcone: Baby Blue Crème
    Shockwave: Royal Blue Crème
    Jealous, Much?: Mint Green Crème
    Teal Unreal: Aqua Green Crème
    Artificial Sweetener: Soft Pink Shimmer

    Read more at: http://www.femail.com.au/orlys-in-the-mood-gelfx.htm
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