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Palmolive Naturals Hair Care Range

The makers of Palmolive Naturals have dedicated 5 years in research and testing to develop a formula that combines the best of science and nature to enhance hairs natural beauty. Infused with ingredients like coco cream, keratin extract, argan oil and shea butter extract, the specialised formulas penetrate and nourish hair strands to enhance hairs natural look and feel.

Specifically formulated for Australian hair types, the new look range includes eight shampoo and conditioner products. Whether seeking shine enhancement, colour protection, damage repair or frizz control, Palmolive Naturals brings proven solutions for individual hair needs.

The NEW IMPROVED Palmolive Naturals range delivers great hair and great value for Australian women. It will be available in all major supermarkets and leading pharmacies nationwide from June 2015, RRP $4.99 (350mL) and $7.99 (700mL).
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