• Pantene Pro-V Colour Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner

    Pantene Pro-V Colour Therapy Shampoo:

    Restore shine to colour-damaged hair with Pantene Pro-V Colour Therapy Shampoo. This Pro-Vitamin enriched formula contains a UV filter and antioxidants to strengthen and protect the overall health of colour treated hair to help keep colour at its peak.
    200mL RRP: $4.69
    350mL RRP: $6.99

    Pantene Pro-V Colour Therapy Conditioner:

    Contains UV filters and antioxidants to help protect coloured hair from damage caused by the sun and heat styling. The Pro-V enriched formula restores shine to colour-damaged hair and strengthens hair's cuticles to repel damage and seal in healthy radiance.

    The Unique conditioning formula helps to maintain moisture balance and revive the shine to keep colour treated hair looking fresh, revived and rejuvenated. Bring hair back to life and lock in shine and radiance with Pantene Pro-V Colour Therapy.
    200mL RRP: $4.69
    350mL RRP: $6.99

    Available from leading mass stores and pharmacies. For stockists call 1800 028 280 or visit: www.pantene.com.au
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