• Pola Idea Style for silky smooth salon styled hair

    Achieve ideal hair exuding moisture , smoothness and shine with Idea Style. Pola?s latest development in hair care technology deeply nourishes and protects each and every hair strand for a more lustrous finish. This special formulation also features enhanced moisture retention abilities and provides a high anti-oxidant effect while promoting blood circulation.

    Experience your most beautiful hair yet. Allergy- Tested.

    1. Idea Style Shampoo 250ml
    Gently and effectively cleanses hair for a super soft, fresh finish exuding moisture and vitality.Step 1: After thoroughly rinsing hair with warm water, apply approx. one teaspoon to scalpand gently lather. Rinse thoroughly.

    RRP: $26.00

    2. Idea Style Treatment (conditioner) 240g
    Beautifully nourishes hair and repairs roughened cuticles ensuring shiny, easy to managehair. Ceramide Derivative maintains optimum moisture levels.

    Step 2: After rinsing shampoo, replenish and restore hair to optimum condition by gentlymassaging a small amount of treatment through hair. Leave for 2 minutes and then rinsethoroughly.

    RRP: $26.00

    3. Idea Style Essence Pack 200g
    Ultra- concentrated mask ideal for damaged hair. PML is featured in higher concentration todeeply nourish and repair hair for silky smooth results. Use either in place of, or in conjunctionwith Treatment, depending on hair type and condition.

    Special Treatment: Using the essence pack, gently massage a small amount on to scalp.Apply the treatment over the essence and leave for 2 minutes before thoroughly rinsing.Leaves hair exquisitely soft and beautiful- a must for anyone who desires beautiful hair!

    RRP: $44.00
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