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Remington Pro Slimline Ceramic straightener

Ceramic Titanium Technology with Teflon Surface protector to protect the hair's condition.

The Teflon plates mean there is no product build up. Plus the slimline 110mm surface allow for easy glide to protect against snagging and breakage.

Ceramic locks in moisture
* Maximises heat transfer
* Wear resistant
* Repels humidity and static

Remington Slimline Ceramic straightener
RRP $43.95

Remington products are available from leading electrical retailers. For further stockist information, please phone: 1800 623 118.

Review: Remington Slimline Ceramic straightener heats quickly, with a range of temperature levels to suit varying hair thin & thickness. Clever locking system for the iron plates which is great to secure the straighening iron for travel.
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