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Schwarzkopf Professional Time For Rehab Kit

We all know one of those people who have everything - the person who makes Christmas shopping a complete nightmare. Not this year! Schwarzkopf Professional have come to the rescue with a range of gorgeous gift packs guaranteed to put Santa to shame.

For hair that's been through enough wear and tear to make it scream for repair and rejuvenation,the Time For Rehab Kit comes to the rescue!

Time For Rehab Kit contains:
BC Repair Rescue Shampoo 250ml
BC Repair Rescue Conditioner 200ml
BC Repair Rescue Sealed Ends 75ml
OSiSHairbody 200ml

Give the gift of great hair, and repair & rebuild the internal structure of your hair. Schwarzkopf Professional Time For Rehab Kit will make your hair feel strong, healthy while giving it a new shine.

Schwarzkopf Professional Time For Rehab
RRP $49.95

Available exclusively through selected salons. Stockists call 1800 251 887.
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