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Schwarzkopf Professional’s [3D]MEN Range

Men’s styling comes down to three things: quick solutions, easy use, and effective performance. Schwarzkopf Professional’s new [3D]MEN range meets this demand and then some, offering the perfect products for styling and hair care any man could ask for.

Newly launched in an sleek black design, the latest [3D]MEN range consists of four care and three styling products. The care selection focuses on three fundamental benefits: activating the roots, refreshing the scalp and strengthening the hair. It also caters for all hair types, so whether you’re dandruff or oil prone, rest assured the range of shampoos and serums have you covered.

For those who want to take things a step further, make the [3D]MEN styling range your go-to. The wax, texture clay and gel are big on results, ticking off the key styling dimensions of hold, texture and definition.
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