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Schwarzkopf's Festive Look

Summer is fast approaching and so are this year's Australian music festivals - the perfect excuse to recreate hot hair trends and street-inspired looks with Taft FULL ON's first tailor-made range for women. Stand out from the crowd with a hairstyle that will last the whole day, meaning you can have fun in the sun and enjoy the music without worrying about your hair!

Must-have items:

Taft FULL ON Freeze It Fixing Hairspray RRP $5.99
Taft FULL ON Booster Volume Mousse RRP $5.99
Taft FULL ON Guardian Angel Straightening Iron Spray RRP $6.99
Taft FULL ON Smooth Operator Anti-Frizz Lotion RRP $6.99

Schwarzkopf information: www.schwarzkopf.com.au
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