• Scunci Look - 60’s Glamour Hair

    Scunci has taken us back to the 60’s with the Hi-styles tool, creating big, bold and voluminous hair in only minutes.

    Recently inspired by Moschino’s S/S 2013 runway show, here's how you can achieve the style in only 5 easy steps:

    Lift a 6cm deep section of hair from the crown of the head, parting from ear to ear and tease. The more teasing you do, the more voluminous and smoother the style will be
    Slide the hi-styles insert onto your scalp, right behind the part
    Pull the teased section of hair up and back over the hi-styles to hold it securely in place. Spritz with a flexible hold hairspray
    Gather all of your hair into a low ponytail, smoothing as you go, making sure not to pull hair too tightly at crown
    Simply secure the ponytail with a Scunci hair elastic

    The Scunci Hi-styles in available at Priceline for $9.95 RRP. For full stockist details, you can call 1800 242 848 or visit www.scunci.com.au
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