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Scunci Look Beyonce

Whether she is rocking the red carpet or killing the stage with high energy dance moves, Beyoncé's hair is sure to look amazing! Large free falling curls or pulled back straight looks, Beyoncé can pull it off.

This look by Scunci is inspired by the constant changing, always glamorous hairstyle of Beyonce.

The hairstyle Beyonce has created here is a tight pulled back half up do, with a loose asymmetric front and matching elegant drop wrapped around the back. The use of a strong support accessory helps to clip the up section of her hair, ensuring it will not drop.

The Scunci UpZing is the ideal accessory to create this look and provide the support to keep your hair in place, while adding a beautiful beaded detail to Glam-Up your outfit.
RRP $12.95
The Scunci UpZing can be found in Big W and selected Pharmacists and salons.
Alternatively, you can call 1800 242 848 for a full stockists list or visit www.scunci.com.au
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