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Scunci’s The Perfect Bob

Scunci’s The Perfect Bob

Recreate the go-to celebrity style this week with Scunci’s (www.scunci.com.au) The Perfect Bob, from the Effortless Beauty Range.

The ‘Wob’ has been the staple celebrity hairstyle this year, whether they’ve opted for a textured, out of bed short do’ or a side parted, definite ‘wavy bob’ with a deep bang, we’re obsessing over this wavy, short style to take us into summer.

Use Scunci’s The Perfect Bob tool to recreate this look. Begin by roughly curling sections of your hair with a wand and roughing them up with your hands. To enhance the look use a texturizing paste, mixing it together on your hands and roughly shaking fingers through the hair. Choose your desired parting and take Scunci’s clever tool to create short hair in minutes, without cutting!

Once the elastic is in place and sitting comfortably, throw your hair forward over your head and rub hair using both hands to mess the style up and add that ‘just out of bed’ look!

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