• Seven Wonders Moroccan Range

    Women the world over have embraced a miracle oil found in the north of Africa, and now, Australian company Seven Wonders has created their own version of the legendary Moroccan oil.

    Seven Wonders is an all natural hair care brand offering a range of salon-grade hair products, infused with organic ingredients. The luxurious Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil range includes moroccan oil treatment, moroccan oil treatment shampoo and moroccan oil treatment conditioner, all crafted to enhance both dry and oily hair.

    Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil produces luscious looking, healthy hair without the salon price and fuss. The Moroccan Oil treatment revitalises hair, especially during the winter months and can be applied as often as desired to damp or dry hair.

    RRP $34.95 125ml Moroccan Oil Treatment
    RRP $15.95 Moroccan Oil Shampoo
    RRP $15.95 Moroccan Oil Conditioner

    The Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil range is available at health food stores and pharmacies nation wide, see www.sevenwonders.com.au for a full list of stockists.
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