• Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray

    The new look all-purpose Makeup Finishing Spray gives long lasting hold without touch‐ups. This product greatly extends make up wear, holds makeup for up to 16 hours, and refreshes fatigued colour. This great year round mist keeps makeup from melting in the summer and drying out in the winter. Powered by a patent pending technology that works as a thermostat on makeup surface, never letting the makeup get too warm, melt or dry out. The Original Makeup Saver was originally used on movie sets to hold makeup under hot lights and minimise the need for touch-ups. Works well on all skin types, but is perfect for normal or slightly oily skin. For women who love their -just applied' look and want it to last all day.

    RRP: 118ml $39.95 & 20ml $14

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