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Sunsilk Frizz and Weather Defence

Sunsilk forecasts perfect hair in all conditions with new Fizz and Weather Defence.
Everyday, women's hair is exposed to the effects of the weather which can ruin any styling efforts in a matter of minutes. Women can now enjoy Sunsilk perfect hair despite the climate and conditions with Sunsilk's new Frizz and Weather Defence range.

The new Sunsilk Frizz and Weather Defence range is formulated with Weather Shielding Technology and UV Filters providing 24 hour frizz control and protection from dryness, locking in moisture for longer lasting shine. The Sunsilk Frizz and Weather Defence range includes:
Frizz and Weather Defence Shampoo - to cleanse hair and rinse away weather related residue and/or product build up
Frizz and Weather Defence Conditioner - Nourishes and helps replenish the hair's essential moisture affected by changing weather conditions
Frizz Control Light Cream - Protects the shape of hair, taming frizz and fluff by preventing evaporation of moisture from the hair
Weather Protection and Shine Serum - Provides lasting protection to hair through a UV Filter and boosting all day shine.
For more, visit: http://www.femail.com.au/hair-care-product-reviews.htm?CurPage=3
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