• The VS Sassoon 3Q Dryer

    Silly Season Pitfall 1: Suffering from dry, over-washed party hair? If you are - don’t PANIC! The 3Q Dryer will put all the shine back into your locks even if you’re washing them EVERYDAY, protecting as you dry thanks to controlled even air-flow (resulting in fewer damaging hot spots) and super ionic conditioning. Yes, dry SMARTER with the 3Q Dryer.

    Silly Season Pitfall 2: Time poor as a result of the social whirl? The 3Q dries ultra-fast as it’s equipped with a DIGITAL MOTOR (it’s Australia’s original brushless motor dryer) with 2200 watts of salon-strong power operating at 150Km an hour. It will dry your hair 70% faster than a standard dryer, projecting less heat time on your hair for healthy, shiny results in no time. That’s FAST & SMART!

    Silly Season Pitfall 3: Broke from endless nights out and buying pressies? The 3Q is available at an intelligent price. It also comes with a 5-year warranty so it’s great value! Yes, dry SMARTER with the 3Q Dryer.

    Key features of the VS Sassoon 3Q Dryer:
    Digital brushless 2200W motor.
    Lightweight – the 3Q Dryer weighs only 480gms for easy styling.
    High ionic conditioning eliminates static and styles faster while trapping moisture to reduce frizzies by up to 75%.
    500 hours drying time
    Ceramic technology enables hair to more easily and effectively absorb heat in a way that minimises damage and stress.
    6 control settings - 3 heat & 3 speed settings to customise for your hair type.
    True cold setting for setting style plus equipped with a Diffuser & Concentrator.
    5 Year Warranty.

    RRP $172.95 Model Number: VSP3QA. www.vssassoon.com.au
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