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VO5 Air Melting Gelee, Smoothing Souffle & Spritz Gel

Do you find styling products can be sticky, overloading and can leave your hair looking like a helmet? Let your hair breathe! VO5 Air Style gives you long lasting firm hold but leaves your hair free to move, thanks to Stylair™ a unique non-sticky fixative system.

Air Style is based on the energy and lightness of oxygen and is specifically designed for women who want a natural-looking style, that lasts all day. Air Style is formulated to create natural body and volume and is perfect for long hair. It won't weigh down the hair and therefore is also ideal for hair with oily tendencies or fine hair. This means long-lasting, firm hold that allows your hair to move freely.

Melting Gelee - Light transparent gelee melts intot he hair to give long lasting body and supple style support. Ideal for blow drying and washes out easily.

Smoothing Souffle - Feather-light luxuurious styling creme is ideal to tame excess fluffiness and unwanted frizz. it gives texture and long lasting body without weighing down your hair.

Spritz Gel - A touchable hold and firm control. Use on wet or dry hair for extra lift.

Advanced VO5 Air Style Range RRP: $7.99 each
Available through Coles, Woolworths, Priceline and selected pharmacies, for stockists call 02 8264 5400
View Count: 4799
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