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VS Sassoon Lush Dryer Packs

VS Sassoon goes lush for Christmas with the launch of a limited edition 2100-watt hairdryer in a choice of two on-trend colours – lush ‘passion’ and lush ‘vibrance’. On sale with a bonus matching makeup bag for only $29.95, yes, tis the season for both giving and looking fabulous!

Create all the latest runway styles at home easily with this powerful compact dryer equipped with 3 heat/2 speed settings, a concentrator nozzle and cool shoot for smooth sexy salon results. The bonus matching cosmetic bag is perfect for make-up touch-ups while you’re out and about and can totally double as a clutch.

Product Features:

3 HEAT/SPEED SETTINGS For variable style control.
COOL SHOT To set your style in place.
2100W OF POWER for fast drying results.
CONCENTRATOR NOZZLE Use to direct the airflow along your hair for a smooth finish
BONUS COSMETIC BAG For all your make-up essentials including your latest LUSH lippies and liners.

The VS Sassoon LUSH pack makes the perfect Christmas gift including for yourself. Pop it in a stocking, place under the tree, put in your own bag and GO … a little LUSH!

RRP: $29.95 Model Number: VSLE210BA. 2 Year Warranty. Stockists: 1800 650 263. visit www.vssassoon.com.au
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